Most people find it scary to visit the dentist since they don’t know what to expect from the dentist. Due to this fear, they ask a lot of questions about dental health care and what measures to take when having dental problems. Below is a list of the frequently asked questions about dentistry.

1. Why should I visit the dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning?

From the doctor’s advice, it is recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss your teeth before going to bed in the evening. While brushing, you are not able to remove all the bacteria in your mouth hence it piles up little by little every day causing a lot of damage to your teeth and gums. By cleaning your teeth everyday, it will help your mouth stay healthy and fresh and also gives room for the dental practitioner to eradicate the problems that can be diagnosed early.

2. What should I do if I am experiencing a toothache?

As a home remedy option, most dentist recommend that you use warm salty water to rinse the tooth and then place a cold cloth with some ice on the outside of your mouth that is aching, if the area is swollen. You should then contact your dental practitioner for a check up.

3. What is the best diet to strengthen and protect teeth?

Dentists recommend that you consume a balanced meal, each served with fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to have lots of food with calcium such as milk and cereal. Avoid lots of sugary meals and starches to prevent tooth decay. If you are having problems finding an effective diet, visit your dentist for great recommendations.

4. Are electric toothbrushes efficient than manual toothbrushes?

Both toothbrushes work well, as long as the bruhsing technique is properly applied it does not really make a difference.

5. What is the cause of bad breath?

Bad breath is mainly caused by some infections in your mouth. Slow salivary flow and a dry mouth also cause bad breath. For you to manage bad breath, brush your teeth toughly to avoid bacteria and take lots of water to neutralize sulfur components that are produced in the mouth.

For more information concerning your dental health it is recommended to visit your dentist or if having any problems with your teeth, visit your dental health care for dental checkup.
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